Letter to Heads of Government

Read our letter dated 6th November 2020

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We are an Australian Network of Lawyers who are concerned about how laws are improperly used against Australians

This site was created to share with the public the letter sent to the State and Federal Governments of Australia and accompanying exhibits / references

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    Australian State and Federal Governments and politicians and Health Department heads and other notable persons were put on notice in writing in 2020 with proof of receipt of emails in December 2020 and follow up in January 2021.

    Responsible parties and their delegated officers who were put on notice still proceeded to make mandates on Covid19 injections in addition to other unjustified restrictions and medical procedure mandates.

    The scientific and medical evidence of these injections being extremely harmful and killing people is now far too overwhelming to ignore. Medical products that kill 50 people are normally taken off the market but these injections have killed tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands around the world so far.

    Any further medical mandates if made in future for the Australian public to take these injections can only be considered cooperation with genocide within the meaning of human rights laws and international law.

    In the event that the state and federal police do not carry out their duty upon the people’s requests to make formal investigations and/or charge relevant responsible persons, then it will be up to the people to initiate civil and criminal proceedings and other legal steps for preservation of life, protection, legal self defence and civil and criminal justice sanctions personally against those who had the power to reverse their decisions but did not.

Follow Up Letter to Heads of Government

Read our follow up letter dated 11th December 2020

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